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We are continually adding new items to all of the following categories so visit often.
Angels, Cherubs
Beautiful handpainted angel figurines, whimsical angel home decorations, cherubs on a multitude of items for your home, romance and collecting.
Museum reproduction statues and wall plaques of archangels, Gabriel, Michael and others.
Animal Collectibles from A to Z
If you or your friends collect a particular animal you will find it here, bears, birds, bunnies, butterflies, dragonflies, deer, elephants, fish, hummingbirds, swans, tigers, wolves and many more on a variety of items.
Aromatherapy, Massage, Essential Oils
Essential oils for all purposes ~ our own brand of basic essential oils, Natalie Lynn Astrological Oils, Moon Magick Oils for creative visualization, Tiferet Aromatherapy Oil Blends for health. We also carry a large variety of aromatherapy lamps and oil warmers, massage oils and tools, perfume bottles.
Art Nouveau
Elegant Art Nouveau jewelry boxes, vases, figurines.
Art Prints, Figurines
Framed art prints and stained glass for home decor. Museum quality figurines and statues of the great masters. Mayan and Aztec culture statues.
Pillows, Throws, Bath Decor, Body Sets
Cotton throws in a variety of themes which can be used as bed coverings or wall hangings. Pillows, Spa Gift Baskets, Baudelaire Soaps, bath salts and scented sachets. Mirrors, Organizers.
Birdhouses, Bird Feeders
Charming birdhouses in a wide variety of themes for any decor, great collectibles.
Books, Metaphysical
Metaphysical and new age books with topics including: herbs, magick, romance, fiction, mythical creatures, dreams, auras, candle magick, natural healing and women's health, spiritual well-being, yoga, goddess, pagan, Celtic and Wicca, coloring books.
Bookends, Bookmarks
A variety of styles of bookends to give your bookshelves a tidy and classy look, collectible bookmarks for yourself or gifts.
Buddhism, Eastern Religious Icons
Bronze and stone statues of Buddha, wall hangings, incense, yoga bags.
Buttons, Band Merchandise
Rock and alternative music band buttons, fantasy and pop culture buttons, wristbands.
Candles, Votives, Oil Lamps
Scented candles and votives, tealites, pillars, glass oil lamps.
Candleholders, Snuffers, Lanterns
Interesting and practical candleholders, candle snuffers and candle lanterns.
Cartoon, Anime
Super heros Superman, Wonder Woman, Tweety Bird, Felix the Cat, Pink Panther, Japanese Anime buttons and posters.
Celebrities, Marilyn, Elvis
Colorful posters and collectibles of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, James Dean, Humphrey Bogart, Lucille Ball. Neon clocks, magnets, playing cards, street signs and other collectibles.
Celestial Sun Moon Stars
Anything and everything with stars, suns and moons on them, zodiac.
Celtic Design
Celtic design jewelry, Celtic Crosses, historical collectibles.
Chess, Tic Tac Toe
Chess sets with many fantasy and historical themes, Tic Tac Toe sets with figurines in themes.
Classic Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles
Neon posters and sculptures, collectibles, clocks and wall decor of classic cars, fast cars. Motorcycle collectibles, Harley Davidson, Indian Motorcycles, Orange County Choppers.
Selection of wall, mantel and desk clocks to fit any room decor.
Neon Clocks
A large selection of economically priced neon clocks for the home.
Clowns, Jesters
Colorful collectible clown and jester figurines.
Crosses, Western Religious Icons
Religious crosses, wall crosses, fountains and statues of Virgin Mary and Jesus and Saints.
Crystals, Gems, Stones
Natural crystals and gemstones for magical, mythical uses. Crystal healing wands. Books about crystal use.
Crystal Jewelry
Earrings, necklaces and amulets made of natural crystals and gemstones.
Day of the Dead, Our Lady of Guadalupe
Virgen de Guadalupe, Dia de los Muertos collectibles, gifts in Spanish language.
Dolls, Victorian Gifts
Victorian gift items decorated with roses, lace and pearls. Furniture including curio cabinets, vintage style tables, shelving and candleholders.
Dragon Collectibles
A large selection of medieval and oriental dragon figurines, oil warmers, incense burners, wall decor.
Dragon Figurines
Larger dragon collector figurines, tables, clocks.
Dragons, Jewelry
Pewter and Austrian crystal Dragons, dragon jewelry.
Dragons, Plush, Books
Plush dragons, books, stickers, posters.
Egyptian Art, Statues
Historical queens of Egypt and deities, gods and goddesses.
Egyptian Collectibles
Egyptian collectibles, scarabs, candleholders, incense, books.
Egyptian Jewelry
Pewter, Austrian crystal, sterling silver and gemstone jewelry featuring Egyptian symbols and styles.
Fairy Collectibles
Pretty Fairies for your home. Amy Brown and Nene Thomas art prints, jewelry, coloring books, bookmarks, and journals.
Fairies, Jewelry
Pewter fairy trinket boxes, pewter fairy photo frames, genuine Austrian crystal figurines, fairy jewelry.
Fairy Figurines
Fairy ornaments, porcelain trinket boxes, fairy figurines and FairPeeps to add to your collection.
Frank Lloyd Wright
Classic designs by architect Frank Lloyd Wright for your home or office.
Gameroom Neons, Billiards
Large selection of neon clocks and sculptures to decorate a gameroom or mancave with billiards related or sports themes.
Garden, Fountains
Garden decorations, Water Fountains for indoor or outdoor use, Gnomes, wall plaques and stepping stones, flower planters, decorative thermometers.
Ancient Goddesses
Ancient goddesses statues reproduced from original archeological finds kept in museums, goddess jewelry, keychains.
Goddess, Kuan Yin
Bronze and stone statues and figurines of the beautiful and benevolent Chinese goddess Kuan Yin. Kuan Yin jewelry.
Gothic, Skulls
Medieval and gothic decor, anything decorated with macabre or skulls.
Gothic Dolls, Jewelry
Goth chokers, amulets, jewelry; Gothic Fashion Dolls to collect.
Greek, Neo-Classic
Museum reproduction statues and wall plaques of Ancient Greek art.
Herbs, Spices
Large selection of herbs and spices ~ ayurvedic, magickal, medicinal, culinary herbs and spices all sold by the ounce. Great for restocking your kitchen, or using in soap or incense crafts.
Hindu Art
Museum reproductions of Hindu deities statues and figurines, devi yoga tote bags.
Incense, Burners, Censers
Wide variety of incense, among them Auroshika, Blue Pearl, Escential Essences, Flaires from Spain, Kamini, Mystic Temple, Sai Baba Nag Champa, smudgewands, sweetgrass braids, charcoal. Brass censers and fantasy incense burners.
Kitchen, Cookware, Wine Decor
Cooking pans, cutlery sets, dessert plates, coasters, cheese spreaders, cookie jars, kitchen items, culinary art and wall decor. Attractive wine racks to store a few bottles or several, coasters, wine charms, wine signs.
Knights, Castles
Historical figurines of knights in armor costumes from many periods, Templars, castles.
Jewelry, Amulets, Boxes
New age amulets, goddess, wiccan and pagan jewelry, Chinese Zodiac amulets, jewelry boxes.
Mermaids, Selkies
Mermaid figurines and prints, mermaid collectibles, mermaid jewelry, mermaids with dolphins, Art Nouveau Mermaids.
Music CD's, Rock Band collectibles
Neon sculptures, Grateful Dead, The Beatles and others. Music CD's for relaxation and meditation.
Nautical Lighthouses, Ocean, Ships
Lighthouse and ship figurines, signs, neon pictures, tables, clocks, wall plaques.
Neon Sculptures
Fun light sculptures for parties, decorating your home or business.
Oriental Art, Gifts,
Feng Shui Supplies

Beautiful exotic asian decor, dolls and statues, feng shui candle holders and supplies.
Aye, there be pirates here! Collectibles, signs, posters.
Places, City Skylines
Mini led pictures, Paris, New York, Eiffel Tower home decor.
Southwestern, Native American
Native American figurines, southwestern decor for indoor and outdoor use, cactus neons, candle lamps, dreamcatchers, Kokopelli, wolf and bear spirit.
Star Wars, Star Trek, Toys, Kids Room
Star Wars and Star Trek posters and collectibles, UFOs and aliens, toys.
Tarot Cards, Bags, Boxes, Pendulums, Oracles, Supplies
Tarot cards, oracle cards, kits with instruction books for divination, wooden storage boxes, velvet and beaded bags. Goddess altar cloths, tote bags, chalices, pendulums.
Unicorn and Pegasus Collectibles and Jewelry
Unicorn figurines and dolls, toys, tshirts, posters, stickers, coloring books, ornaments, lights, decals, pewter and genuine Austrian crysal unicorns, unicorn jewelry, Pegasus collectibles.
Windchimes and Suncatchers
Windchimes to catch the sunlight and twirl in the breeze, playing music in your garden or patio.
Wizard of Oz
Ruby slippers and Emerald Cities, follow Dorothy and Totos' adventures, mousepads, signs.
Wizards, Harry Potter
Harry Potter clothing, wands and accessories, wizard figurines, jewelry, Merlin, wizards with dragons and castles.
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