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Moon Magick Incense
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We accept Discover, Visa, Mastercard, American Express
Moon Magick Incense
Moon Magick Incense
All natural ingredients. Handmade in the traditional ways in accordance with moon phase and planetary day by alchemists. Incense is traditionally used to affect the psychic consciousness, as well as to aid in changing the environment in response to directed will. It can be used directly to alter the energy patterns and as an offertory. Moon Magick Incense comes in 1/3 oz bags (10 gms).

Moon Magick Incense is $3.00 each.

How to use Moon Magick Incense:
Place charcoal in a burner with sand to absorb the heat. Light charcoal briquet carefully. Allow several minutes for charcoal to get hot before adding incense powder or resin. Use a small amount of incense and add more as needed. Great for ceremonies or rituals.

#IMCHChannelto open channels of communication with the Higher Self and higher Spiritual Beings$3.00
#IMHEHealthto vitalize and increase life force, healing$3.00
#IMKYKyphiAncient Egyptian ritual formula - sacred to the Goddess Kephra, priesthood incense$3.00
#IMMRMercuryfor alertness, health, knowledge, business$3.00
#IMMRMerlinuse to attune with natural forces and supernatural forces of the universe, magickal knowledge and prowess$3.00
#IMNTNutalso Nuit, Egyptian Goddess of the Sky, for protection and creation$3.00
#IMPAOsirisHonor and invoke the consort of Isis, Egyptian God of rebirth, use for transformation, healing$3.00
#IMPAPast Livesto remember lives and karma$3.00
#IMPUPurificationspiritual cleansing and purification$3.00
#IMSHShamanfor shamanic journeys or vision quests, healing, purification, shapeshifting, wisdom$3.00
#IMVNVenusattract love, friendships, beauty, creativity$3.00

Click here to purchase Three Kings Charcoal briquets.

Click here to purchase Colored Ceremonial Sand for your incense burner.

Be sure to look at our Moon Magick Oils also.

How to burn resin or powder incense on charcoal with sand:

Always place charcoal on a layer of sand at least 3/4 - 1 inch thick. The charcoal will burn more evenly and keep its glow longer. The sand will reduce the risk of ceramic incense burners cracking or metal containers burning the surface underneath due to the strong heat charcoal produces.

You may light a candle to light the charcoal instead of using matches which may burn out quickly. Long handle tweezers or small tongs to hold the charcoal briquet during lighting will help keep your fingers safe from the heat. After the charcoal is lit, place on the sand. Blow gently or fan the charcoal till it glows and stops crackling.

Next place the incense on top of the charcoal with a spoon or the tweezers. After your ritual or ceremony, the charcoal may continue to burn for up to two hours. Safely extinguish the charcoal by picking up with the tweezers and submerging it in water.

Unlike stick incense, resins do not burn or smolder on their own. In order to use resins as incense, you need to use them with charcoal tablets. Place a few small pieces of your resin on the brick and they will start to smolder. Resins produce a lot of smoke so start with a small piece or two. Charcoal tablets can be broken into half if you don't need the whole thing at once.

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