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Herbs and Spices by the Ounce

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We accept Discover, Visa, Mastercard, American Express
Herbs and Spices List
Dried Herbs, Spices, Clays...
Culinary, Potpourri, Incense, Candle and Soap Making Supplies...
Medicinal and Botanical,
Ayurvedic, Chinese, Herbalism ...
Herbs and Spices by the Ounce

This is an extensive list of herbs and spices available by the ounce. Restock your spice cabinets and culinary pots with our fresh herbs and spices conveniently sold by the ounce. The prices listed below are per 1 ounce. You can increase the number of ounces being ordered once you add the spice or herb to the shopping cart. Herbs are carefully selected certified organic, kosher or responsibly wildcrafted worldwide.

  • (C) Cut & Sift
  • (G) Ground
  • (P) Powder
  • (W) Whole
  • asterisk * indicates for potpourri, not to be taken internally
  • Click on to see photo and folklore.
    Alaea Sea Salt Fine Grind$1.90
    Alfalfa Leaf (P)$2.30
    Alder Wood (C)$1.00
    Alkanet Root (C)$2.95
    Allspice (P)$2.60
    Allspice Jamaican (W)$2.00
    Amla Organic (P)$2.25
    Angelica Root Organic (P)$6.65
    Anise Seed Organic (W)$2.20
    Anise Seed Organic (P)$2.20
    Annatto Seed Organic (P)$2.50
    Arabic Gum Powder Organic (P)$2.50
    Arrowroot Organic Powder 4 oz bag (P)$2.75
    Ash Bark (C)$1.30
    Basil Sweet California (C)$2.50
    Basil Organic (P)$2.25
    Bayberry Bark (C)$5.15
    Bee Pollen Powder$2.35
    Bentonite Clay Powder$1.80
    Benzoin Gum Resin (P)$3.45
    Birch Bark (C)$1.45
    Black Cohosh Root (C)$4.35
    Black Cohosh Root (P)$4.35
    Black Walnut Hull (P)$2.65
    Bladderwrack Organic (C)$2.55
    Blood Root (C)$10.75
    Blood Root (P)$10.75
    Blue Cohosh Root (C)$4.65
    Blue Cohosh Root (P)$4.70
    Borage Herb (C)$1.60
    Buckthorn Bark (C)$1.10
    Burdock Root Organic (P)$2.70
    Butchers Broom (C)$2.15
    Butchers Broom Root (P)$2.30
    Calendula Flowers Organic Powder ~ Marigold (P)$2.85
    Calendula Flower Petals (C)$2.50
    Caraway Seed Organic (W)$2.00
    Cardamom Seed Powder (P)$2.95
    Carrot Powder Organic (P)$2.10
    Catnip Leaf Organic (C)$1.75
    Cayenne Pepper Organic 90,000 HU (P)$2.05
    Cedarwood Chips Natural*$1.00
    Celandine Greater (C)$1.65
    Celandine Greater Powder (P)$1.80
    Chamomile Flowers Organic (P)$2.50
    Chamomile Flowers Organic (W)$2.40
    Cinchona Bark (C)$1.55
    Cinnamon Organic (P)$1.25
    Cinnamon Chips Organic$1.40
    Cloves (W)$3.45
    Coltsfoot Leaves (C)$2.45
    Comfrey Leaf Organic (P)$2.15
    Comfrey Root Powder Organic (P)$2.30
    Coriander Seed Organic (P)$1.65
    Coriander Seed Organic (W)$1.65
    Cotton Pods dyed Red* ~ 5-petaled pod$1.50
    Couchgrass Root (C)$2.10
    Cumin Seed Organic (P)$1.65
    Cumin Seed Organic (W)$1.65
    Damiana Leaf (C)$4.30
    Dandelion Leaves (P)$1.60
    Dandelion Root (C)$1.50
    Devils Claw Root (C)$2.10
    Devils Claw Root Powder (Arthritis Tea) (P)$2.50
    Dill Seed Organic (W)$1.95
    Dragon's Blood Resin (C)$4.95
    Eucalyptus Leaves Organic (C)$1.65
    Fennel Seed Organic (P)$1.55
    Fennel Seed Organic (W)$1.50
    Fenugreek Seed Organic (G)$1.50
    Frankincense Powder (P)$2.75
    Frankincense Tears ~ Pea Size$2.45
    French Green Clay Powder$2.95
    Fumitory Herb Organic (C)$1.30
    Ginger Root Organic (C)$2.65
    Ginger Root Organic (P)$2.50
    Ginseng Siberian ~ Eleuthro Root Organic (P)$1.80
    Goats Rue Organic (C)$1.95
    Goats Rue (P)$1.60
    Gotu Kola (C)$1.20
    Gotu Kola (P)$1.25
    Grains of Paradise$4.65
    Hawthorne Berries (P)$1.40
    Hawthorne Berries (W)$1.10
    Hibiscus Flowers Organic (C)$1.95
    Hibiscus Flowers Organic (P)$2.35
    Hops Flowers Organic (W)$4.95
    Horse Chestnut (C)$1.50
    Horse Chestnuts (W)$1.50
    Hydrangea Root (C)$2.75
    Hydrangea Root (P)$3.25
    Hyssop Herb Organic (C)$1.15
    Irish Moss (C)$2.35
    Jasmine Flowers (W)$3.50
    Jobs Tears (W)$1.00
    Juniper Berries Organic (P)$2.25
    Kava Kava Root Cut$5.00
    Kaolin White Clay Powder$1.60
    Kelp Granules Organic$1.50
    Kelp Organic (P)$1.50
    Kola Nut (P)$1.95
    Ladys Mantle Organic (C)$2.40
    Lavender French Organic $2.95
    Lemongrass Organic (C)$1.60
    Lemon Peel Granules Organic$2.95
    Lemon Peel Powder Organic$2.95
    Lemon Verbena Leaves* ~ long, curled leaf - lemon scent (W)$1.50
    Life Everlasting (C)$2.40
    Lime Peel (G)$2.80
    Lime Peel (P)$2.95
    Lobelia Leaf Powder (P)$1.10
    Lovage Root (C)$1.25
    Mace (P)$5.30
    Maidenhair Fern (C)$1.25
    Mandrake Root (C)$2.80
    Marjoram Organic (C)$1.20
    Marshmallow Root (C)$1.40
    Marshmallow Root (P)$2.15
    Milk Thistle (P)$1.80
    Mistletoe (C)$2.10
    Motherwort (C)$1.25
    Mugwort Organic (C)$1.50
    Mullein Leaf (C)$1.10
    Mustard Seed Yellow Organic (W)$1.00
    Myrrh Gum (C)$2.00
    Myrrh Gum (P)$2.80
    Nutmeg Organic (P)$3.70
    Nutmeg (W)$3.45
    Oak Moss (C)$1.00
    Olive Leaf Powder Organic$1.65
    Orange Peel (C)$2.10
    Orange Peel Granules Organic$2.10
    Orange Peel Powder Organic$2.10
    Oregano Powder Organic $2.50
    Oregano Cut Organic$2.10
    Orris Root Organic (C)$3.15
    Orris Root Organic (P)$3.40
    Paprika Smoked Organic Powder$2.25
    Passion Flower (C)$1.25
    Patchouli Herb (C)$2.50
    Pau D'Arco (C)$1.00
    Pennyroyal Leaves (C)$1.05
    Peony Root (C)$1.40
    Peppercorns ~ Black (W)$1.70
    Peppercorns ~ Tellicherry (W)$1.50
    Peppermint Leaf Organic (C)$2.30
    Poke Root (C)$2.60
    Poke Root (P)$2.25
    Poppy Seed Organic$2.20
    Psyllium Husk (W)$1.25
    Queen of the Meadow (C)$2.70
    Queen of the Meadow Root, "Gravel Root" (P)$3.50
    Raspberry Leaf (C)$3.50
    Red Moroccan Clay Powder$2.30
    Rehmannia Root (P)$1.35
    Rosebuds and Red Petals (W)$2.50
    Rosehips Seedless Organic (C)$2.00
    Rosehips Organic Powder$2.00
    Rosehips Organic (W)$2.00
    Rosemary Cut Organic$1.90
    Rosemary Powder Organic$1.90
    Rue Herb Organic (C)$3.80
    Safflower Petals Organic$4.65
    Sage Rubbed Organic Powder$1.95
    Sage Leaf ~ White, use as purification incense (W)$3.00
    Salep Root (W)$3.15
    Sandalwood Chips Red$3.75
    Sandalwood Powder Red$2.75
    Sarsaparilla (C)$2.45
    Scullcap Herb (C)$2.75
    Sea Salt Fine Grind ~ 4 ounces$2.50
    Shepherds Purse (C)$1.35
    Slippery Elm Organic (P)$4.10
    Solomons Seal Root (W)$2.25
    Speedwell (C)$1.40
    Spirulina (P)$3.65
    Star Anise (W)$2.35
    Sumac Berry (P)$2.70
    Tangerine Peel (G)$1.75
    Tansy Herb Organic (C)$1.85
    Tarragon Leaves Organic (W)$3.20
    Thyme Organic (C)$1.75
    Thyme Organic (P)$1.50
    Turmeric Organic (P)$1.80
    Uva Ursi Leaves Organic (C)$2.30
    Valerian Root (C)$3.15
    Valerian Root (P)$3.15
    Vervain Herb Blue Organic (C)$2.50
    Vervain Herb Powder (P)$2.60
    White Oak Bark (C)$1.00
    White Willow Bark (C)$1.35
    Wild Cherry Bark Organic (C)$2.95
    Wintergreen Leaves (C)$1.70
    Witch Hazel Leaf (C)$2.65
    Wood Betony (also known as Self Heal, Heal All) (P)$2.00
    Wormwood Herb Organic (C)$1.65
    Yarrow Flowers (W)$1.35
    Yellowdock Root (C)$2.15
    Yerba Mate (C)$1.75
    Yerba Santa (C)$2.70
    Yohimbe Bark (P)$3.65
    Yucca Root (P)$2.05

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