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Escential Essences Incense Sticks

Hand made incense sticks, 16 long burning sticks in each package. All natural ingredients. Magical properties and benefits are listed below.

Escential Essences Incense Sticks

#IEAFAmber Flame ~ Fire ~ Talisman, Strength, Courage, Protection, Success, Optimism$3.75 - out of stock
#IEAVAngelic Visions ~ White Light Illuminations ~Intuition, Ecstasy, Purity, Celestial Music, Mystic Knowledge$3.75
#IEBLBali Teak ~Precious blend of Teak and Tobacco$3.75
#IEBTBuddhist Temple Blend ~ Illuminating the Soul ~Precious woods of Vetivert, Cedar, Sandal, Patchouli$3.75
#IECLCasablanca Lily ~ Hawaiian Gardenia ~ Long restful journeys, Love & Romance$3.75
#IECTCitronella ~ blended with Lavender & Lemongrass ~ New!$3.75
#IEDBDragons Blood ~ Protection ~ Love, Potency, Purification, Keeps Away the Evil Eye$3.75
#IESEEbony Opium ~ Dreams and Visions ~ Prophesies, Astral Travel, Clairvoyance, Apparitions$3.75
#IEENEnergy ~ Body, Mind, Spirit ~ Invigorating, Nourishing, Stimulating, Vitality$3.75
#IE4EThe Four Elements ~ Altar Blend ~ Woods, Resins & Floral Scents of Earth, Air, Fire & Water$3.75
#IESFFrankincense and Myrrh ~ Consecration and Healing ~ Temple Purity, Ancient Prayers and Chants, Offerings and Blessings$3.75
#IEFDFruit of Desire ~ Passion Flower ~ Dreams & Fantasies, Erotic Feelings, Lovers Intertwined$3.75
#IEIMIvory Musk ~ Nile Lotus ~ Sacred Blue Lotus of the Nile, Nefertiti, Festive Parties, Music & Dancing$3.75
#IEJVJamaican Vanilla ~ Free Spirits ~ Paradise, Harmony, Joy, Euphoria, Rainbows, Isle of Enchantment$3.75
#IEKDKachina Dreams ~ Sacred Sage, Cedar ~ Ceremonial Magick, Spirit Dreams, Tribal Dances, Ancestors$3.75
#IESLLove ~ Opening your heart ~ Reservoir of Pleasure, Affection, Beloved, Fertility$3.75
#IESMMayan Temple Blend ~ Patchouli Rose ~ Discovering the secrets of lost arts, Reaching, Astral Planes$3.75
#IEMGMoon Goddess ~ Isis ~ Peace, Healing, Consecration, Blessings$3.75
#IEMYMyrrh ~ Healing$3.75
#IEMWMountain Wildberry ~ Harmony ~ Joyous Summer festivals, Meeting old friends & lovers$3.75
#IEMFMystic Forest ~ Earth ~ Abundance, Balance, Grounding, Blessings, Shelter$3.75
#IEOAOcean Atlantis ~ Water ~ Secret Discoveries, Golden Age, Progenitors of Creation$3.75
#IEOBOrange Blossom ~ High Spirits ~ Harmony, Confidence, Success, Empowerment, Wealth, Friends & Good Cheer$3.75
#IEPSPalo Santo ~ Sacred Woods $3.75
#IEPCParis Cafe ~ Perfume of Love ~ Holiday Adventures, Chance Encounters, Serendipity, Music in the Air, Sensuous and Lively ~ Enjoy$3.75
#IEPMPatchouly Musk ~ Warm & Sensual ~ Aphrodisiac$3.75
#IEPPPremium Patchouly ~ Warm & Sensual ~ Aphrodisiac, Passion, Fulfillment, Relaxation$3.75
#IEPRProsperity ~ Cinnabar Cinnamon ~ Fluorishing, Successful, Affluence, Well-being$3.75
#IEPUPurification ~ Sacred Cedar, Lavender ~ Uplifting, Clearing the Light Body, Dream Spirit, Harmony$3.75
#IERGRain Goddess ~ Hawaiian Plumeria ~ Gardens of Serenity, Waterfalls, Reservoirs of Pleasure$3.75
#IERGGRed Ginger ~ Wealth and Riches ~ Good Fortune, Inner Strength, Therapeutic$3.75
#IERVRoyal African Violet ~ Attracting Animal Spirits ~ Gaining Lion Strength, Wisdom of Tribal Kings and Ancestors$3.75
#IESASanctuary ~ French Lavender ~ Tranquility, Meditation, Solitude, Healing, Protection, Realization of the Self, Peace$3.75
#IESNSandalwood ~ Meditation ~ Spiritual Anointment, Concentration, Self-Realization$3.75
#IESHShamanwood ~ Spirit Guide ~ Protection, Virility, Strength, Mystic Powers, Talisman$3.75
#IESSSummer Solstice ~ Celebration of Life ~ Nectarian Feasts and Banquets, Outdoor Concerts, Rejoicing$3.75
#IETLTalisman ~ Golden Amber $3.75
#IETSTemptress ~ Forbidden Fruit ~ Animal Attraction, Teasing, Passion, Sensuality, Binding of the Heart$3.75
#IETMTibetan Musk ~ Inner Truth ~ Divine Inspiration, Transformation, Ascendance, Nirvana$3.75
#IETRTranquility ~ Deep Relaxation ~ Calming, Soothing, Peaceful, Restful, Dream State$3.75
#IETCTribal Coconut ~ Tahitian Vanilla ~ Paradise, Happiness, Contentment, Blessings$3.75
#IETOTropical Rain ~ Rebirth, Regeneration ~ Earth Healing, Creation, Growth, Transformation$3.75
#IEVRVenus Rose ~ Aphrodite ~ Love, Affection, Romance, Passion$3.75
#IEWJWhite Jasmine ~ Inspiration ~ Purification, Confidence, Rejuvenation, Liberation$3.75
#IEWSGWhite Sage ~ Clearing and Protection$3.75
#IEWPDWhite Sage Patchouli & Dragons Blood Cleansing, Protection$3.75
#IEWSWinter Solstice ~ Hearth and Home ~ Family, Security, Safety, Thankfulness, Charity$3.75
#IEZGZen Garden ~ Cherry Blossom$3.75
#IEZCZombie Crayz ~ Blood Orange$3.75

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