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Triloka Original Incense Sticks

Triloka Original hand-rolled & blended natural herbal incense. Triloka incense is hand-made according to the ancient tradition of India-supporting our Fair Trade Cottage Industry Partners. Each Triloka incense stick is individually hand-rolled using only the finest herbs, gums, essential oils, charcoal, mysore sandalwood and other natural ingredients.

10 sticks per pack.

Triloka Original Incense Sticks are $2.50 each.

Triloka Original Incense Sticks
#I012Aphrodisia Incense SticksAphrodisia

Sensual, Inspiring

Delicate Jasmine scent with a hint of vanilla,creates a loving mood,softens and relaxes.
#I026Cinnamon Spice Incense SticksCinnamon Spice

Inspiring, Uplifting, Joyful

A fine spicy cinnamon aroma with vanilla accent creates a warming, uplifting atmosphere.
#I004Enchanted Forest Incense SticksEnchanted Forest

Inspiring, Uplifting

Elegant Agarwood fragrance with sparkles of citrus and floral notes that brighten the Earthy wood scent to create an uplifting mood.
#I007Hawaiian High Incense SticksHawaiian High

Uplifting, Grounding, Aphrodisiac

A fine tropical Sandalwood fragrance with spicy notes lifts the spirit, balances the emotions and promotes well-being.
#I020Hopi Pinon Incense SticksHopi Pinon

Invigorating, Reassuring

A balmy, sweet scent, uniting resinous, wood and floral notes.
#I009Lavender Fields Incense SticksLavender Fields

Balancing, Calming, Clarifying

Elegant, soft lavender fragrance with a hint of exotic flowers. Creates ambiance for relaxing activities, leisure and communication.
#I012Lotus Moon Incense SticksLotus Moon

Balancing, Energizing

Mellow, tropical fragrance, with a hint of citrus and resinous base.
#I016Night Queen Incense SticksNight Queen

Aphrodisiac, Sensual, Uplifting

Night blooming Jasmine (Raat Rani), also called Night Queen, is famous for its soft, velvety alluring fragrance that fills the night with longing and love.
#I019Patchouli Garden Incense SticksPatchouli Garden

Grounding, Relaxing

The pleasant green smell of Patchouli is enriched by woody, earthy notes of fragrant woods and resins.
#I050Saffron Incense SticksSaffron

Warming, Balancing

The sweet, earthy note of Saffron with a wonderful floral background warms the mood and relaxes the mind.
#I002Sienna Cedar Incense SticksSienna Cedar

Grounding, Stabilizing, Strengthening

Rich aromatic wood fragrance with a Vetiver note and Vanilla accent creates a deeply grounding energy and strengthens the mind.
#I028Tibetan Bouquet Incense SticksTibetan Bouquet

Relaxing, Inspiring

Sweet, fruity fragrance with a hint of Sandalwood, Vanilla and Lavender.
#I011Yellow Rose Incense SticksYellow Rose

Inspiring, Energizing, Uplifting

Lively, spicy Rose fragrance with a hint of Vanilla and Jasmine. Sweet, but with unexpected depth and mystery.
Triloka Original Incense Sticks are $2.50 each.

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